You want to sift out the dirt and find the gold, without spending a fortune. Newzdigger makes it easy:

Blazing fast, uncapped speed

Max out your broadband capacity, with up to ten simultaneous connections.

Instant Access

Sign up and start downloading right now, no delays.

Binary Retention 600 days

That post you want that's over a year old? You can still get it with Newzdigger!

99.9% Completion

With multiple redundant worldwide peers, including all of the major high-capacity Usenet servers, you won't have to worry about broken files.

Low prices

Accounts starting at just $4.95/month for 30Gb/month (with quarterly rebilling, $5.95 with monthly rebilling).

Unlimited Accounts Available

If you like the all-you-can-eat option, accounts with no download limit are only $19.95/month (with quarterly rebilling, $21.95 with monthly rebilling)

Access to two seperate servers in the US, one in the EU, giving you an even higher level of data redundancy, more reliability, more connections, and a faster, cleaner path from our server to you.

Uncensored, Anonymous, and Private

At Newzdigger, our servers are uncensored and we do not log what you download. We offer secure, encrypted access to both of our servers using Secure Socket layers (SSL) at no additional charge. Newzdigger does not sell your name or any of your information to any third party.

Over 70,000 newsgroups

...and if we don't carry the one you want, just fill out our newsgroup request form.

Fast, competant, comprehensive support

We don't outsource...we sell our service, and we support it. Help is available via email, web form, livechat, or our toll free number. We try to answer all of our support requests within three hours.

Cancellation is fast and easy

If you decide to cancel, fill out our cancel form and click on "submit". Or, send us an email.

Free Trial

Still not sure if Newzdigger is right for you? Sign up for our no-risk three day free trial, and see for yourself what we have to offer you. Or sign up for our 95 cent trial and get an extra gigabyte and instant access.

For support, you can submit a ticket at our Helpdesk page (client login required).

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