What is Newzdigger?
  • Newzdigger is a provider of premium usenet newsgroup services for individuals, with access to high speed servers in the United States and the European union. We do usenet, and only usenet. This is where our focus, and our dedication, are and will remain.
What is usenet?
  • For more information on what usenet is and what it can offer you,
    read the introductory tutorial on this site:
What is the completion rate for binaries on Newzdigger?
  • Newzdigger offers a 99.9 percent completion rate for binaries. As well, those few binaries that are incomplete can almost always be recovered through the use of par2 files. Please see our tech support faq for more on this
What is the retention rate for binaries on Newzdigger?
  • Our retention rate for binaries currently stands at 600 days, and we are always working on improving this number.
Are there any speed caps with Newzdigger?
  • No, we do not cap your download speed, on any of our account plans.
What is the Newzdigger server name?
  • Our server is news.newzdigger.com. Use port number 119.
What newsgroups does Newzdigger carry?
  • You can search the list of our newsgroups here, or download the entire list in text form here (800kb).
You don't carry my favorite newsgroup. Can you add it?
Do headers count as part of my download limit?
  • Yes, but you can bypass this by using nzb files.
What are nzb files?
  • For more information on nzb files, please visit this web page:
What account types does Newzdigger offer?
  • In addition to our free trial and our $.95 trial, we currently offer four different account levels, with prices starting at just $4.95/month (with 90 day rebilling) for our Bronze plan. Please see our signup page for more details.
When does the monthly download limit reset?
  • It is reset on the same day in each month that the account was created. (Or the 1st next month if the day doesn't exist. If, for example, an account is created on 31st of October, the next reset is 1st of December, 00:00 GMT. But the next reset after that is December 31st.)
How many simultaneous connections can I have to your servers?
  • We allow up to ten simultaneous connections per account
How do I cancel my subscription?
  • Simply go to our Cancel Page (subscriber login required) and hit submit . Or if you prefer, you can email us. Note: Please be sure to use the same email address you signed up with.
What newsreader can I use with Newzdigger?
  • Virtually any newsreader that is available. We especially recommend Grabit, which is free and very easy to use.
    A list of some of the available newsreaders can be found on this page:
Can Mac users use Newzdigger?
  • Yes. You will need a newsreader that is Mac-compatible.
    A list of Mac-compatible newsreaders can be found here:
Is my credit card secure with Newzdigger?
  • Yes, we use secure 1024 bit encryption to transmit your information, and we do not store your credit card number on our site.
I signed up with Newzdigger, where is my confirmation email?
  • It is possible that our email was filtered as spam. This happens all too often, unfortunately. Please check your spam filter and spam folder, if applicable.